Applying to Medicine 101

It’s time to settle in because this is going to be a long post! Lots of people have requested that I share my tips for applying to medicine in the UK and so I decided I’d put together this post to serve as a sort of guide. I am going to be focusing on the UK as that’s the only system that I know, but I’m sure some of this information is useful for those of you that are applying to other countries too!

Which Course Should I Pick as My Medicine Back-Up?

When you’re applying to medicine school in the UK you can only apply to four medical schools, which leaves you with one free option. Choosing your backup course is sometimes difficult as the chances are that your passion is medicine not some other course. Many students choose to take a course that is similar to medicine in the hopes that they can swap onto the medical course either after a year of their course or take medicine as a graduate degree afterwards. If you’re like me then you might just […] Read More

Ultimate Guide to Taking the UKCAT

If you’re a student in the UK and you’re planning to apply for medical/dental school then you’re probably familiar with the UKCAT and the BMAT tests. These are tests that every medical student takes before they apply to medical school. The majority of UK medical/dental schools require you to take the UKCAT test and a few like Oxbridge require the BMAT test. This post will go through the ins and outs of taking the UKCAT test.

Finding Work Experience For Medical School

When applying for medical school, you often find yourself worrying about the grades needed in order to get a place. Unfortunately, good grades are not enough of a guarantee because pretty much every applicant will hit the minimum AAA boundary needed or go far above it. Many medical schools expect a variety of work experience within a range of areas to show that you have some knowledge and experience of the area you hope to go into. Whilst it may be simple in theory, in reality places are often limited […] Read More