Best Planners for 2017

With the new year fast approaching and 2016 finally drawing to a close, it’s time to do one of my favourite things- buy a new planner. The idea of a book that can make you organised for the first time in your life is very appealing, but unfortunately I’m usually not great at sticking with planners. That’s why I’m come up with a list of 5 cute but relatively inexpensive planners that won’t make you feel bad if you abandon them half way through January.

  1. Urban Outfitters X Oh Deer Daily Journal – £10This journal has the ~aesthetic~ you want but without any of the guilt. The white marble pattern is stunning and the inside layout featuring a timetable and a todo list is sure to keep you organised. I have come so close to buying these before (there was a constellations one that I loved) because the pages aren’t numbered so you can pick it up whenever you want throughout the year without leaving loads of pages blank.
  2. 12 Month ‘I Am Very Busy Planner’ – £16
    This planner is different to the last one in that it has a weekly layout as opposed to a daily one. This is better if you don’t think you’ll be able to keep up with the pressure of having to fill in a totally new layout every day and it makes it easier to see at a glance if you’re busy on a day because it is dated. It definitely works more as a calendar rather than just a planner for you.
  3. Muji Craft Desk Scheduler – £2.50
    Whilst it may not be as fancy as the other diaries on this list, it definitely has the minimalist Muji aesthetic that everyone needs in their life. The layout inside is super simple and I think that’s great if you’re starting to use a planner for the first time because it’s not too daunting. On the downside the pages are only month-views so it isn’t good for planning out individual days or even weeks and it actually just works best as an overview.
  4. Paperchase Pink Ombre A5 Diary – £14

    Like the Urban Outfitters diary, this one is also page-to-a-day but it is less structured. The diary has more of a notebook format where the pages are just lined and there’s no times or anything on them, but they are dated so you can still use it as a calendar. This may be better if you use your planner when taking calls or in a situation where you need to jot things down as opposed to just planning out your day for yourself.
  5. Oh Deer Introvert’s Journal – £14.95

    Another page-to-a-day planner. I like this one because it has a much more journal-y (??) layout because it has doodle sections as well as your usual to do list. The dates are not written in so like I said before you can pick it up several times throughout the year if you fall out of habit rather than feeling guilty about leaving lots of pages blank, which is something that I love about these types of planners. I feel like this is kind of a cross between a bullet journal and a diary as you still get some space to express yourself and make it personal, but you don’t have the stress of coming up with a new layout every day.
  6. *BONUS* Leuchturrm 1917 Dotted A5 Notebook – £14.95

    Around exam time I took up bullet journaling and I loved how it kept me organised but it also allowed me to be artistic with it at the same time. I’ve had several Leuchtturm notebooks and the paper quality is amazing, they’re extremely versatile and the colours are beautiful. It comes with numbered pages and a contents so you can easily flick back and forth between spreads you’ve done before. If you’re looking for a more personalised diary then maybe consider trying bullet journaling this year rather than just a regular diary. For inspiration and ideas, check out my bullet journaling Pinterest board below!


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