Best UKCAT Preparation Resources

Like most other people hoping to apply to medicine this year, I’ve been preparing for the UKCAT so I thought that this would be a good time to make a list of some resources I’ve found useful when doing my own preparation.

In regards to online tools, these are the ones I’ve found most useful:

  • Official UKCAT website – this is obviously a very useful website because their question bank uses the exact format that you’ll encounter on the test day. It also has videos that talk you through it if you want a little more guidance.
  • The Medical Portal – this is the website that I’ve been using a lot because it has a free UKCAT question bank which links to your profile so you can track your overall percentages as well as see other details such as your situational judgement band or your mock exam scores.
  • The Student BMJ – whilst this website tends to cater towards people in medical school it does have useful tools for applying such as advice on personal statements and work experience. If you pay for a membership then you also get access to a UKCAT question bank, however some of the questions (particularly the decision making ones) are not in the same format as in the actual exam so you need to be careful with it.
  • Medify – whilst I haven’t personally used this I know that a lot of people on The Student Room recommended it and used it a lot in their preparation. When you buy it you do get video tutorials as well as questions and a few mocks so if you’re running out of questions it could be well worth using.
  • Kaplan Test Prep – this service is mainly meant to be used for people who want one-to-one tutoring or a specialist course however they do have a few questions that you can use for free practice on their website.
  • Job Test Prep – they have loads of different options and packages that you can choose from, however it does appear to be slightly more expensive than a lot of the other resources which are either free or low in price so it might be worth checking those out first before looking at this.
  • UKCAT Ninja – once again this is just a bunch of practice questions so that you can get used to the format that the test uses, it is free to make an account however you do have to pay for some features.
  • BONUS: This thread on The Student Room contains loads of miscellaneous resources which are similar to the UKCAT questions even though they’re not specifically for this exam which would be perfect if you feel like you’re running out of questions!

In terms of books this is the main book that people tend to use:

  • Get into Medical School – 1250 Practice Questions – I have last year’s edition of this book (because I bought it so early) and I’ve found that it’s perfect for quick revision of topics when you only want to do a couple of questions. The full mock at the back is useful as it can give you a general idea of a score and the quantitative reasoning questions are harder than what you’ll tackle in the real test so it prepares you for them well too.

Succeeding at the UKCAT pretty much just comes down to practice. Learning which sections you struggle with the most early on in your preparation will help you to divide up your time better and figure out what you need to focus on. Whilst it isn’t worth preparing months before the exam, in the weeks leading up to it you should put together a plan of how you will tackle your preparation and when you will do it.

If you have any other resources that you have found useful when it comes to UKCAT preparation then tell me about them in the comments below and I’ll add it onto this list!

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