Cheap Alternatives for Studygram Favourites

I love stationery a lot. So I end up spending way too much money on stationery that is used by a lot of studygrams, just because I think it looks pretty or some stupid reason like that. The problem is that there is usually a bunch of cheaper alternatives if you just take the time to look. Luckily, I’ve compiled a list of some of the most useful dupes that I’ve found for popular studygram stationery so that you don’t have to!


I know, I know. These aren’t even highlighters, but you have to hear me out. These felt tips have a flat edged tip so you can definitely use them for highlighting! Obviously they are a pen which is the perfect substitute for the pen end of a Zebra Mildliner too. I bought mine 2 years ago now and they’re still going strong even though I use most of them every day.

PRICE: £4.50 for 24
COLOR: The lighter colours are perfect for highlighting but the darker colours don’t work as well.
BLEED THROUGH: Does show some if you use the darker colours


I love my Leuchtturm 1917 notebook but they are quite expensive to buy, especially if you’re unsure whether bullet journalling for you. In England you can get a Leuchtturm from around £12 on Amazon, but I know that in other countries it is closer to £20 so they’re pretty pricey. Whilst the Amazon notebook doesn’t have numbered pages (which you could do yourself) or a contents page (again, here’s some inspiration if you want to draw one), it still retains that classic feel and you can have three types of paper inside.

PRICE: £10
PAPER QUALITY: Quite a few reviews have said that markers have bled a lot through the paper, so many be wary of that


First of all I’d just like to say that I think the Artline Stix are good pens in their own right and they have a totally different feel to the Tombow pens. The colours are much brighter and the tips are not as hard wearing (but they are meant to be kids pens so that’s probably why). They are a good choice if you’re just starting out with brush pens because they’re not too expensive to replace if you manage to ruin them. The variety of colours is good enough that you can create some nice designs with them and I’ve found that if you draw a gradient and splatter it with water you can get a nice watercolour effect.

PRICE: £10 for 16
COLOURS: Quite bright, barely any neutral colours
BLEED THROUGH: They bleed through on most of my paper unless it is super thick


I know it doesn’t look as cool and the design isn’t the same but if you get a basic colour you can get a similar minimalist feel and they’re almost half the price in some cases. I’ve used Vans backpacks for school for the last few years and they are tough! I can fit two lever arch files, three textbooks and my massive pencil case into mine and it’s still going (somehow!) There’s so many designs that it’s easy to find one that suits you and you can usually get last season’s as well for half the price if there’s an outlet store near you.

PRICE: £30-40
DURABILITY: Very good! Can hold a lot without breaking!


Stabilo fineliners are part of my everyday life now, I’ve been using them since I started secondary school and I think I would cry if they were ever discontinued. However, they are super expensive. These Hema fineliners are incredibly cheap in comparison though my main concern would be that they’re only available in 12 colours so if you’re looking for a wide range then you may be better off looking at the Stabilo fineliners anyway. They do look similar to the Stabilo fineliners so they’ll still look good if you want to take pictures for Instagram though!

PRICE: £2.50 for 12 😱
COLOURS: A little lacking in range but still got the basic colours you’ll want

That was all I could find but please let me know in the comments if you’ve found any cheap alternatives for expensive stationery that deserve a place on this list!

As part of the affiliate program I may collect a small percentage of sales from the things bought through these links at no extra cost to you

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