How I Make My IPad Notes

I’ve received quite a few questions about how I make my digital notes using my iPad Pro so I put together this guide for anyone who wants to try and make notes using the same style!

If you don’t know what I’m referring to, this is the style of notes that I usually make on my iPad!

In order to make my notes I use:

When setting up my page in GoodNotes 4, I use the Medium and Quad Ruled Paper template in the A4 size. I also make my notes portrait unless I’m making a summary, then I occasionally use a landscape layout.

The first thing that I do is split my page into 2 separate columns (I’ve worked out that 14 full squares into the page is the middle if you ignore the half square at the end). I then use the straight-line/shape draw tool to draw the flag/rectangle/arrow thing (please let me know if there’s a name for this shape!) and the highlighter tool to colour it in.

I write my subheadings in these highlighted shapes so I usually copy and paste this blank one to the top of the page so that I have a spare one that I can paste into my notes as I need it.










I then use Procreate in order to produce the hand-lettered header style that I use in pretty much all of my notes!

To do this, I initially draw two guide lines (just so that my writing stays fairly straight) which you can do by just keeping your pen still for a little while after drawing a line. I then use the Fancy Finesse Lettering brush in order to do the actual lettering.

If you want any guidance on hand lettering, I suggest checking out my Pinterest board:

I save the header as a transparent png and then add it to the page in GoodNotes. I’m unsure if there’s a way to automatically align images to the page in the app so usually I just crop the image and then centre it by eye.











In order to add a shadow to the header, I use the highlighter tool again (usually set to around 5pt, although it depends on the size of the header). In order to get this effect, only highlight the thicker strokes and usually stick to the same side to draw it on.

After all this, I actually start writing my notes! I usually stick to a simple bullet point method as well as basic diagrams and tables. I also tend to look at the exam specification as I make notes so that I know everything I’m writing is relevant and I don’t miss anything important out. If you’re studying A Levels or GCSEs then this will be available from the exam board website, if not you may have to ask your teachers where to get the information.

Hopefully you found this post useful but I’m aware that not everyone wants to spend this much on note taking apps so here’s two alternatives that are free:

If you have any more questions about how I take notes, feel free to DM me on Instagram or email me!

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