Review- Mossery Co. Planners

Recently I was sent a Mossery Co. planner and I’ve started to use it to keep track of my school work.

Whilst I love how customisable it is (you can choose the cover and the type of paper inside), it doesn’t seem like it’ll stand up to much inside of my school bag because the cover is not thick. Obviously this is disappointing as it means that I have to leave it at home so I’m much more likely to neglect it than if I had it with me at school.

However, I love it anyway. The vertical weekly layout inside was perfect for what I needed (to put in things at specific times) and I like the pages at the front of each month that allow you to recap on things and decide what to focus on this month. These are good for general overviews but there is a calendar view so that you can put things in for specific dates as well.

The planner also has a to-do list section at the bottom of each page and I use this to put my tasks into rather than the timetable layout directly (purely because I’m not good at sticking to exact times so it’s just easier to know what I need to get done). This means that you can use it for a whole bunch of things, rather than just as generic diary. The inspiration pages are the front are also fun and allow you to be a little more creative but they don’t have the stress of having to come up with regular bullet journal spreads either.

The paper is quite thick and there isn’t any show through using Pilot Juice pens (whether that’d be the same with other pens like fineliners, I’m not sure). This is one of the best things about it because I absolutely hate when you can see things through the other side and it just completely ruins the ~aesthetic~ for me.

Overall this is a great diary if you are just looking for something to keep at home and look pretty in Instagram pictures but it’s not good if you need something that can be chucked in your bag on a regular basis. At around £19, there are definitely more durable planners out there but this one does the job and it looks adorable as well. I would probably buy it for someone as a present, especially for the obsessive planners in my life (me. I’m literally just talking about me. I would buy myself another one).

You can get 15% off Mossery Co. planners until the 29th of January with the code EMILYC15

P.S. I was sent this planner in exchange for a review

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