Study Tracker Template

I shared a picture of the document I’ve been used to track my studying in the run up to exams yesterday and a few of you said you’d be interested in trying it for yourselves so I thought I’d share it on here!

Just a quick note: I used the fonts Moon 2.0 and Avenir Next in the document so you’ll need to download those if you want to have the original fonts I put in (or just use your own, it doesn’t matter!)

I’ve used this type of tracker since doing my A Levels as I find that it’s an easy way to keep a checklist of everything that you still need to study, whilst also prioritising the topics that you understand the least. I personally find that strict study schedules don’t work too great for me, so by doing this I can pick out which topics I want to do each week and still get everything done on time.

I usually base my topics off the specification or information given about each module in the study guides, but you could make it even more specific and do it for every single lecture if you wanted to. Likewise, at A Level I made every single specification point into its own section and usually I would tick multiple ones off at once. That’s one of my favourite things about this guide – it’s completely adaptable to whatever course you’re doing!

Hopefully, you’ll find it helpful and you can always DM me on Instagram if you have anymore questions about how to use it!

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