Tips For Seeing Shows as a Student

Nobody has asked for this blog post but I honestly just thought I’d write about it anyway ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Hopefully at least some of you will find it helpful!

Sign up to special programs for young people and students

Since starting uni in September I’ve signed up for quite a few programs which entitle you to cheaper tickets or special deals at various theatres, there’s probably plenty more but here are the ones I’ve personally signed up for:

  • Entry Pass – National Theatre’s program for 16-25 year olds – I’ve used this to see get a front row seat to Follies for only £7.50!
  • westend4£10 – I haven’t used this yet but they have a selection of different shows on offer for £10 each month, although you have to go on a specific date rather than getting to choose your own
  • YOUNG+FREE – Donmar Warehouse offers a selection of free tickets to young people for each show, they’re given out by ballot though so it’s definitely not guaranteed that you’ll get them for a certain show meaning it isn’t always reliable
  • RSC Key – again, I haven’t had the chance to use this yet but it offers £5 tickets for 16-25 year olds in both London and Stratford Upon Avon

Use rush tickets and lotteries

Tonnes of shows offer rush tickets and lotteries for their shows, some of them even reserve specific tickets for young people for every performance. Here are some of my tips for getting these tickets:

  • Download TodayTix on your phone – this app has tonnes of lotteries and rush tickets in the same place so you can join a bunch of them at once, plus you can get notifications to make sure you don’t miss out on your favourite shows
  • Get the Hamilton app – if you want to join the Hamilton lottery then this app is the easiest way to do it
  • Matilda – Matilda has 16 £5 tickets for each performance set aside for 16-25 year olds, they’re released at 10am but I’d highly recommend going an hour or so earlier to make sure you get them – it’s also worth going on a Wednesday or a Saturday as 2 shows mean double the chance of getting them
  • School of Rock – I managed to win this one but then I realised that I really didn’t want to go see School of Rock, however, it lets you enter for 2 weeks’ worth of performances at once so it’s pretty convenient
  • They also do a limited number of student tickets every Wednesday for £10 when you bring a student ID – these are released an hour before the show starts at 6:30 so you’d probably want to get there a bit earlier than that
  • Check the policies of individual shows by going on their websites as some may only offer rush tickets on certain days or at certain times – this blog post is a good guide to get started

General tips

  • Be prepared to sit in the back – yeah it’s probably not going to be the best seat in the world but you still get to see the show and it’s very rare that you’ll have such a bad view that you won’t enjoy the show
  • Use Seatplan – this has become one of my favourite websites over the last year and it’s the best guide to picking out a good seat in a theatre, I always look at this site before buying a ticket no matter what it’s for
  • Prioritise which shows you want to see – if there’s a specific actor/actress that I want to see or I know that a show is closing soon I will try and get tickets to that rather than going to see something that’s probably going to stick around for a few more months
  • Be flexible – don’t set your hopes on a specific date as often tickets may be cheaper if you go a week later or go see the later show rather than the matinee

I know this post isn’t my usual content but I felt like writing it anyway – hopefully it will help out at least a couple of you though! Feel free to DM me on Instagram if you have any other questions or if you just want some good show recommendations (I’d be happy to offer my advice!)

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