Tombow Brush Pens Review

If you have a study blog of any kind you’ve probably heard about Tombow double-ended brush pens. They’re pretty popular for things like bullet journalling, making notes and just regular art. The pens are available in 96 colours (and they’re all so beautiful that I want every single one) but, like the majority of popular stationery, they’re not exactly cheap so you probably want to know if they’re good value for money.

I personally love the Tombow markers and I use them every day for lettering and my study notes (both in class and at home) because they’re just so versatile. The brush end is very soft and flexible so you can easily do lettering with it but because of this is does lend itself better to big writing rather than small writing. The marker end of the pens is great for subheadings or adding detail to your drawings because it’s just like a regular felt tip. I love that they’re double sided because it means that my notes can be perfectly colour co-ordinated (honestly I get so frustrated when my colours don’t really match up).


Like I mentioned above they do tend to lend themselves to bigger writing because they are so soft so if you like to do lettering then they’ll be perfect for that. If you want it for adding detail to your bullet journal then it might not work as well because they’re hard to control with fine movements. I also think they work really well for lettering because you can get a blending pen to go with them which I like to use to add a lighter colours edging to my words. I’m sure that people that are more artistic than me can come up with some really cool uses for this pen but that’s all I have come up with so far.


If you’re just starting to learn how to letter then maybe don’t go for these straight away because they can be quite pricey if you have to keep replacing them. If you have your technique down then I would totally recommend them because they’re so cute and perfect for notes and writing quotes, basically anything you can think of.

If you’d like these pens you can get them from Stone Gift or you can check out the Tombow UK instagram account for some more satisfying pictures.


I received these pens in exchange for a review

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