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A few days ago I asked for questions on my story and rather than spam you all with 20 different story posts, I thought I’d compile all my answers into one big post here!

  1. Study and Exam Tips
  2. ~Personal Questions~
  3. University Questions
  4. Study Supply Questions
  5. Random Stuff

Study and Exam Tips

What’s your motivation? / How do you keep yourself motivated to study?

I find that focusing on my end goal helps to keep me motivated when I start to procrastinate. It can also help to have plans for after you’ve finished studying or you’ve completed your exams as it gives you something to focus on besides what seems like a never-ending stream of studying!

How do you thrive when people try to put you in your ‘place’?

Whilst it can be hard, honestly, the best thing is to just tune them out and try to do your own thing. If it’s a constant thing then it might be worth talking to someone about it at university/school and seeing if they can help you out.

Exam study tips?

Don’t just make notes and try to memorise information, make sure that you’re putting it into practice too. I find that doing practice questions alongside going over flashcards or notes can help to solidify the information and put it into context

~Personal Questions~

Are you a university student? What are you studying?

I’m currently at UCL studying medicine

What is your favourite song?

I don’t really have one at the minute as I tend to listen to a bunch of different albums at once – I’m enjoying all of The Jonathan Larson Project at the minute though

How old are you?

19 – almost 20 though!

Favourite part of the day?

Probably tea/dinner because I get to catch up my friends after we’ve all been at uni all day (even though the food isn’t always great)

Did you grow up in England or did you move there for college?

I was born in England and I’ve lived here my whole life, however, I lived in the north and moved down to London for uni

How did you get inspired to make this account?

I started this account just before my GCSE exams as I was starting to make lots of notes as part of my revision and I wanted a way to share them without annoying people on my personal account

What was your favourite subject in secondary school?

I really enjoyed psychology at A Level as I found it really interesting, even though a lot of the things we studied were just various studies. At GCSE I think I liked maths as it was the easiest to revise for – I just did lots and lots of past questions and I didn’t really need to make notes for it

What is your favourite series on Netflix?

I really loved Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and I’m still upset that’s it over (even though it was a really good ending!)

Who are you in 3 words or less?

Musical theatre trash.

Are you more of an English person or a maths person?

I think I’m more of a maths person because I always found it more straightforward, although I enjoy reading and things so English is still interesting too

What state do you live in? It looks beautiful

I’m currently living in London!

Do you listen to K-Pop?

Nope, sorry!

University Questions

Which branch of medicine do you think you would like to specialise in?

I don’t think I have a specific branch in mind as we haven’t had any clinical placements yet so I don’t have any experience to draw from, however, I think I’m interested in a medical specialty rather than surgical one!

Are there any books that you would recommend reading for a personal statement?

I personally put Phantoms in the Brain and The Man Who Mistook His Wife For A Hat on mine, although there are a few others that I’ve read since then and completely enjoyed – I’ve got a list of them on my Amazon Page (affiliate link)

What’s life like being a student in London?

I think it’s quite different to being a student in other places but it’s definitely great because things like transport are so convenient and there’s always stuff going on somewhere. You might just have to be a little more careful with your money because it can get pretty expensive

What’s daily life like at uni?

My days at uni are usually pretty long – normally starting at 9 and ending at 4/5. Once I’ve finished I’ll usually go straight back to halls for dinner and then study for a few more hours before bed

Best advice for people choosing a med school?

Play to your strengths as different medical schools will judge applicants in different ways – some value entrance exams really highly, some look at your GCSEs and some are more holistic. Take a good look at the selection process and decide which plays to your strengths the best

How did you choose medicine?

I don’t think there was a particular moment when I decided that it was the best course for me – I think a lot of it just came from researching university courses in general and looking at what each one entailed

Study Supply Questions

Doughnut or Anello rucksacks?

I haven’t tried out an Anello bag so I can’t really say much about them, but I was kindly gifted a Doughnut bag and I love that!

How much can you get in your Doughnut backpack?

I’m able to fit quite a bit into it – I can fit in my iPad, lunch, water bottle, pencils, and a notebook. However, I can’t fit my laptop in but I think they do bigger sizes that would fit it (my laptop is 15″ for reference)

Where do you buy your stationery?

Most of my stationery comes from Amazon or companies that have sent me it (I’ve also used places like Cult Pens in the past and I’m a massive fan of Paperchase too!) – I have my own Amazon page where I list all my favourites for your convenience

Where can I find the Stabilo markers?

I was gifted most of mine from Stabilo UK but I know that you can also get them from Amazon, Paperchase, Rymans and all sorts of places – I think I’ve seen them in some supermarkets too

Random Stuff

Have you tried ICCO pizza?

I haven’t but I might have to now! I’m always up for pizza recommendations if any of you want to send me some

Do you think about/have moved towards sustainability?

It wasn’t something that I’ve thought much about it in the past, but accounts like louisedoeslife are making me consider more in my daily life

Do you have any good book recommendations?

I recently read My Heart Goes Bang which I really enjoyed – aside from that, the ones I mentioned above are pretty good too!

What’s your favourite makeup brand?

I don’t really have one set favourite as I like different products from different brands – I’m currently loving Huda Beauty lipsticks though!

Thank you to everyone who sent in questions for this Q&A – feel free to message me on Instagram if you have any other questions or just drop me an email below!

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